CBHI WELL Inspection Services


Service Fee $250.00 Per Well; designated service fee is in addition to the home inspection service fee.


Colorado’s Best Home Inspections, LLC ‘s Well Inspection Services are ONLY performed at time of performed/completed CBHI Home Inspection Services as offered as a convenience to our Clients.


  • Well Inspection Service Description/Protocol includes: a 2 to 3 hour pump flow test measuring water flow every 15-30 minutes, monitor pump current flow (amperage) during the flow test; test Pressure Tank Pre-Charge, and visually inspect pressure tank, pressure switch, control box, and well cap/seal.


  • Well System is required to be ON AND OPERATING as of inspection date/time. Colorado’s Best Home Inspections, LLC’s Well Inspection Service/Fee DOES NOT include Water Sampling Services, please see the Water Sampling Service page within this website; please note that water sampling services may be required by some Lenders, please confirm lending requirements with your Real Estate Professional and/or Lender.


  • Colorado’s Best Home Inspections, LLC visually inspects ONLY; Colorado’s Best Home Inspections, LLC does NOT provide Extended Recovery Testing/Inspection Services; Colorado's Best Home Inspections, LLC does NOT inspect stand alone irrigation well systems; Colorado’s Best Home Inspections, LLC does NOT dismantle the Well System, elements, and/or components, or remove sealed well caps, nor does Colorado’s Best Home Inspections, LLC inspect undergrade/underground well system components/elements such as but not limited to submersible pumps, etc.


  • Additional information regarding your Well Permit Number may be available and /or found by inquiring with the Colorado Department of Water Resources (please click on provided courtesy link: Note this link may be slow to view/load: http://www.water.state.co.us/DWRIPub/documents/wellpermitguide.pdf


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