CBHI WELL Inspection Services


Service Fee $250.00 Per Well; designated service fee is in addition to the home inspection service fee.


Colorado’s Best Home Inspections, LLC ‘s Well Inspection Services are ONLY performed at time of performed/completed CBHI Home Inspection Services as offered as a convenience to our Clients.


  • Well Inspection Service Description/Protocol includes: a 2 to 3 hour pump flow test measuring water flow every 15-30 minutes, monitor pump current flow (amperage) during the flow test; test Pressure Tank Pre-Charge, and visually inspect pressure tank, pressure switch, control box, and well cap/seal.


  • Well System is required to be ON AND OPERATING as of inspection date/time. Colorado’s Best Home Inspections, LLC’s Well Inspection Service/Fee DOES NOT include Water Sampling Services, please see the Water Sampling Service page within this website; please note that water sampling services may be required by some Lenders, please confirm lending requirements with your Real Estate Professional and/or Lender.


  • Colorado’s Best Home Inspections, LLC visually inspects ONLY; Colorado’s Best Home Inspections, LLC does NOT provide Extended Recovery Testing/Inspection Services; Colorado's Best Home Inspections, LLC does NOT inspect stand alone irrigation well systems; Colorado’s Best Home Inspections, LLC does NOT dismantle the Well System, elements, and/or components, or remove sealed well caps, nor does Colorado’s Best Home Inspections, LLC inspect undergrade/underground well system components/elements such as but not limited to submersible pumps, etc.


  • Additional information regarding your Well Permit Number may be available and /or found by inquiring with the Colorado Department of Water Resources (please click on provided courtesy link: Note this link may be slow to view/load: http://www.water.state.co.us/DWRIPub/documents/wellpermitguide.pdf


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Here's what our clients say about us:

"Hi Margariete, Thank you so much for following up with us ... Frank and I very much appreciate all that you and your husband have done regarding the inspection. Jim made the process very smooth and was attentive in helping me understand what needed to be done and how things should be operating.  Thank you so very much, "
Sincerely, A. R. Hudson - Client


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