Quality Does Matter - What Colorado’s Best Homes Inspections, LLC inspects:

Colorado's Best Home Inspections, LLC offers a VISUAL NON-INVASIVE inspection process of the primary home/building; an observation of the building/structure, systems, elements, and components AS PERMANENTLY INSTALLED as recognized by the InterNACHI Standards of Practice; of approximately 75 areas of the home, consisting of approximately 400 related components of the home, including visually/physically accessible elements and components of the 5 major building systems of the home/building - Roof, Foundation, Electrical, Plumbing, Heating and Cooling when not HOA and/or Co-Operatively owned/managed and/or controlled.

Typical site service time is to provide 1 hour of site service time for every 1,000 square foot of subject property, depending upon existing site conditions, requested CBHI services, and any questions Client may have at site.

CBHI Clients receive a written inspection report identifying the defects AS OF THE DATE/TIME OF THE PERFORMED HOME INSPECTION that INSPECTOR both observed and deemed material.

  • Roof, vents, flashings and trim
  • Gutters and downspounts
  • Skylights, chimney and roof penetrations
  • Walkways, driveways, sidewalks, patios
  • Eaves, soffit and fascia
  • Grading and drainage
  • Basement, foundation and crawlspace
  • Water penetration, Moisture Instrusion
  • Foundation movement
  • Heating and Cooling Systems
  • Main Water Shut of valves
  • Water heating systems
  • Interior plumbing fixtures, faucets,components
  • Drainage sump pumps
  • Electrical service line and meter box
  • Main disconnect and service amerage
  • Electrical panels, breakers and fuses
  • Grounding and bonding
  • GFCI'S and AFCI'S
  • Walls, ceilings and floors
  • Fireplace damper door and hearth
  • Attic, insulation and ventilatin
  • Garage doors, sensors and openers
  • Built-In kitchen appliances
  • Attached/Detached garages and carports
  • · Plus 350 more visually accessible components


A thorough and complete inspection does rely upon the dedication and knowledge of the performing Home Inspector and the insurance enforce of the home inspection company.  Unlike some home inspectors Colorado's Best Inspections, LLC is insured to perform and CBHI service protocol DOES provide for Certified Master Inspector James D. Krumm to:

Walk Roofs:  when site conditions are safe, visually and physically accessible, and permitted, CBHI Inspector James D. Krumm/CMI will access the roof surface to inspect the roofing system and application thereof, and any penetrations to the roofing system such as around the chimney and venting systems.  Dependent upon site conditions, if in the event the roof cannot be visually and physically access; CBHI Inspector James D. Krumm will inspect the roof from various ladder positions, vantage areas from within the premise, and from the ground using high powered binoculars.

Access Attic Areas:  when site conditions are safe, visually and physically accessible, and permitted, CBHI Inspector James D. Krumm/CMI will physically access and enter the attic area of the home to inspect the roofing system from the interior, the roofing structural system such as the trusses and/or the roof joices/rafters dependent upon build age of the home.  Also inspected if visually and physically accessible while in the attic area; electrical that is boxed and capped properly, insulation presence, and any noted site conditions requiring reporting to the client.

Access Crawlspace Areas:  when site conditions are safe, visually and physically accessible, and permitted, CBHI Inspector James D. Krumm/CMI will physically access and enter crawlspace areas of the home to inspect building systems, elements, components located in this area of the home and noting site conditions requiring reporting to the client.

Serving CBHI Clients with honesty and integrity CBHI is transparent in all matters of SERVICE and does not wait to inspection date/time/site to disclose to CBHI Clients any limitations, exceptions, and/or exclusions of service. CBHI kindly Welcomes and Invites You to view a full and complete copy of the InterNACHI Standards of Practice - by clicking on the provided courtesy link - Standards of Practice of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) posted at http://www.nachi.org/sop.htm.

a) * Limitation examples such as but not limited to: Weather restrictions such as but not limited to i.e. 65 degrees Fahrenheit outside temperature is required to operate un-winterized A/C-Cooling Systems; Inspector is not required to move/remove Seller's/Occupant's belongings/personal property and/or objects/items restricting/obstructing visual/physical accessibility; Inspector does NOT turn OFF and/or ON water and/or gas supply valves within a premise, nor does the Inspector light gas pilot lights, etc.

b) ** Exception examples such as but not limited to: existing site conditions causing limited and/or no visual/physical accessibility to inspect, unsafe/dangerous existing site conditions, inclement weather, imposed builder restrictions/new construction, etc.; Apartment Style Condominiums - Colorado's Best Home Inspection Services are limited to the home/building systems, elements, components as contained to/service the Unit/Suite ONLY that are not HOA/Co-operatively owned/managed/controlled.

c) *** Exclusion examples such as but not limited to: Colorado’s Best Home Inspections, LLC inspection services exclude HOA/CO-Operatively owned/managed/controlled building systems, elements, components such as but not limited to Roofs, Building Exteriors, Elevators, attached/detached Garaging and/or Carports, Common Areas, etc.; Building sub-systems, smoke alarms, intercom systems, alarm systems, data lines, home office systems, home theater systems, garden water features, sprinkler/irrigation systems, sewer pipes, solar systems, spas, pools; sewer scooping services, pest inspection services (such as but not limited to animal/pet/rodent/pest/insect infestation/habitation), odor/VOC removal services, any/all environmental inspection/testing services, any/all site conditions under-grade, underground, hidden from view, garden sheds, lawn gazebos, etc.

Note re Exclusions:  New Construction/Builder Restrictions may be imposed at inspection service/date/time - typically Builder restrictions are required so that warranties being offered to the Client by the Builder are not negated such as but not limited to Roof Warranty/Builder may not allow roof surfaces to be accessed and/or walked on; Builder may also impose restricted access to the Attic Cavity; CBHI would perform responding to any/all requested/required Builder Restrictions.


Quality, Thorough, Timely, Comprehensive and Complete

Professional Home Inspection Services to Assist and SERVE YOU CBHI's CLIENT!


Inspection Reporting:  Typically inspection Preliminary Inspection Reports will be emailed to the Client  24 hours after the performed inspection service date/time; the preliminary report will then be subject to an edit process for typographical errors and punctuation.  The FINAL INSPECTION REPORT is recognized as the FINAL REPORT; the Final Inspection Reporting is typically generated 7 days after inspection service date/time once payment processing has been completed. The Final Inspect Report is sent via email and includes a processed paid invoice and Client thank you letter. Colorado’s Best Inspections, LLC inspection reporting is recognized as the property of the CLIENT for the sole use and benefit of CLIENT.


Service Notes:

Certified Inspectors operate under Standards of Practice which vary from each organization of certification.  However, if in the event an inspector is operating "outside" of their scope of service as presented by their chosen Standards of Practice, providing additional services they are not certified, qualified, and/or approved by their insurance company to perform, such actions may result in adverse results for the client; such as if in the event an incident and/or damages are incurred during the inspection process and an insurance claim is necessary - the claim could be denied/refused by the insurance provider - making a "small favor" a big risk and not a benefit to or for the client and/or related parties to the inspection process, however - that is ONLY IF the inspector is insured.  Always confirm and review the Standards of  Practice your chosen Home Inspector is performing under, and ask for a copy of their ACCORD Certificate of Insurance for your file.  Colorado's Best Home Inspections, LLC provides all CBHI Clients with a copy of our ACCORD Certificate of Insurance for your file/records.

Colorado’s Best Home Inspections, LLC ONLY PROVIDES FULL AND COMPLETE HOME INSPECTION SERVCIES; CBHI services DO NOT INCLUDE PARTIAL INSPECTION SERVICES and/or Re-inspection services,  such as but not limited to, site visits/revisits to inspect due to Inclement Weather, Weather Damage, Insurance Claims, Seller's Negotiations, Seller's Work Performed and/or Work Performed by other Service Contractors and/or Service Providers prior to and/or after the confirmed/scheduled Home Inspection Date/Time.

Stand Alone Repairs/Seller Work Performed:  CBHI does not inspect stand alone repairs and/or service work performed by other individuals/home owners and/or repair/service contractors prior to and/or after inspection date/time.  CBHI respects Colorado Authorities, Laws and Regulations, which govern over the process and practice of performed home repairs, modifications, remedy work, and the permitting process as dictated by local jurisdictions/building departments regarding permits/permitting code requirements, and DORA which regulates the licensing of contractors' work, etc.

  • Repair/Remedy, Further Evaluation, Service Work may be required after your performed home inspection services for further evaluation of any identified deficiencies as reported in your inspection reporting.  Colorado's Best Home Inspections, LLC  STRONGLY RECOMMENDS that you have each reported concern and the entire system FURTHER EVALUATED for additional concerns that may be outside of the scope of the inspection. Further evaluation is recommended to provide you with the appropriate opinion of remedy under Colorado Laws and / or Regulations, such as but not limited to, the services of a Professional Engineer. Further evaluation and/or services may also be required by appropriate, unbiased, licensed, insured contractors performing within the scope and capacity of their service under Colorado Laws and / or Regulations, such as but not limited to, an Industrial / Environmental Hygienist, HVAC Technicians, Roofing Contractors, Plumbers, Electricians, Chimney / Fireplace Contractors, Stucco / Masonry Contractors, Window Contractors, Radon Mitigation Contractors, Pest / Rodent / Insect Control Contractors, Odor & VOC Removal Contractors, etc.
  • If you have any questions regarding proposed and/or completed repair/remedy work - ASK the performing contractor to provide you a visual walk-thru and explain the work that was performed.  ASK questions before work is performed - what is a quote-what does it look like?; what is an invoice-what does it look like?; are permits required? - will the local jurisdiction/building dept. be inspecting the work after it has been completed and/or during the process of performed repairs, is there any guarantee and/or warranty provided for the work performed - will it be transferrable and/or in your name?; if not can you have you name added to the contractors work order even though someone else may pay - so that you have a relationship with that contractor if in the event you would need to call them back?; etc ... It is always best to consult and speak with your Realtor and ask your questions and get anwser before having repair/remedy work performed.  Ask for receipts, signed-off/approved permits, and a detailed descriptions of such services, make sure to identify what is a receipt and what is A quote, confirm that repairs/services have been performed by a qualified, licensed, and insured repair/service provider.

Pilot Lights:  All home systems which require pilot lights to be lit carry warning labels which inform the public that the handling and service of such appliances should follow the manufacturer's published instructions.  If in fact you are requiring Gas Pilot Lights to be lit it would be best to speak with your representing Real Estate Professional regarding the coordination of such Field Services, receiving the proper authorization/expressed consent for the performace of such services from the property owner.  Colorado’s Best Home Inspections, LLC does not light gas pilot lights.  Always confirm that your chosen Home Inspector is performing within the scope of their Standards of  Practice and Insurance Policy/Underwriting Conditions.

Water Service/Plumbing Faucets:  CBHI is not a Field Service Company, CBHI does not turn on, turn off Water Supply Valves within subject properties due to the liability/flooding that may occur (i.e. de/re winterization of homes, vacant properties)  Water Service at the "street" does not provide for water services to be on and operating within a premise - the supply valve within the premise must be turned on to have water service within the plumbing supply lines.   CBHI does offer to our Clients Air-Pressure Testing Services (see "Services Offered" Section of Website) if in the event water service cannot be restored and/or available and operating within the premise for inspection date/time.  Plumbing faucets are visually inspected; at no time does CBHI Service Protocol and/or InterNACHI Standards of Practice (visual non-invasive inspection process) allow or require the CBHI Inspector to dismantle, disassemble, and/or remove plumbing faucets.  All plumbing fixtures and components are operated as found within the premise as of inspection date/time.

Adverse Weather Conditions:  since CBHI's Services are contained to the home inspection process, and CBHI is not Real Estate Agent/and/or expert, it is recommended that our Clients should speak with their and/or the representing Real Estate Professional(s) involved in your real estate transaction to confirm any aspect of your real estate transaction and subsequent action as related and that could cause and/or affect to the real estate transaction process.

At times sellers will have on hand all ready performed certifications to share with potential buyers in anticipation of seasonal weather conditions i.e. roof certifications, furnace certifications, structural evaluations (foundations), etc. that can provide for home/building systems, elements, components that may not be visually and/or physically accessible during the inspection process due to adverse weather conditions.

Dependent upon client contractual time lines and the negotiation thereof (if extensions to the real estate contract are needed/requested/approved between selling and purchasing parties); some CBHI clients call and suspend confirmed services and move to a different preferred date if weather conditions prevent the inspection of exterior home/building systems, elements, components.  CBHI understands the spontaneity of the real estate calendar and respects our Clients' decisions - that is why our company does not charge rescheduling fees and/or cancellation fees at any time.

If you are purchasing a property always consult with your Realtor and confirm that the Seller/Listing Agent will have the subject property properly prepared and "Inspection Ready" meaning all services electric, gas, water (turn on a faucet and water comes out/flush a toilet) are on and operating within the premise for inspection date/time.  If there is a well - confirm that the well will be on and operating for the inspection date/time.  Always have the Seller prepare their property/asset as their insurances should provide for this service and the related liability.

Occupied Properties:  if you are considering to purchase an occupied property - consult with your Realtor to ensure that the inspector will have visual/physical access to all areas of the home for you; that all occupant's belongings are removed or properly stored providing access to all areas, speak with your Realtor and inquire if the Seller (property owner)/Selling Agent regarding the current and ongoing maintenance of the property so that inspection site conditions would be to the prospective Buyer's satisfaction, i.e. snow removal, shoveling, making sure that safe conditions, etc.

Please note that CBHI does monitor weather conditions and forecasts and we work with our Clients to ensure they are well served within the limits of our control.  Weather has not prevented a single CBHI inspection from taking place as requested by our clients in 10 Years.

As we know, Denver can have 12" inches of snow on the ground one day and be followed by sunny skys and warm weather, snow melt can be rapid, but weather conditions can never be guaranteed, especially in mountain communities of higher elevations to that of greater Denver.  CBHI looks forward to having the pleasure and privilege of performing your CBHI Home Inspection Services here in Sunny (and sometimes Snowy) Colorado!


If you should require additional industry information - please kindly visit the Articles and Information page on CBHI's webite - A Wealth of Information - Thank You!



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