Hard Copy Reporting Requests/Services


Printed Hard Copy Inspection Reports Service Fee $45.00 per each printed report; designated fee in addition to the home inspection fee.


CBHI strives to be Eco-Friendly, however, if in the event a Printed CBHI Hard Copy Inspection Report is requested: upon request CBHI will provide a printed CBHI Inspection Report hard copy report for a fee of $45.00 per each copy/printed report.


The printed reports are mailed (within the United States only) via the United States Post Office Service to an address of the Client’s preference.

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Here's what our clients say about us:

"Thank you so much for all of your help.  After such a detailed inspection and report of all of your findings, I can't believe that we almost didn't get an inspection because we thought there probably wasn't anything to find on a newly constructed home. The builder has readily agreed to remedy every problem that you found, which more than covers the cost of the inspection.  More importantly, I am so glad you found the safety issues of the high radon and inadequately supported granite overhang that will now be taken care of.  The water leak in the crawl space may have never been found if you hadn't found it, possibly leading to a future mold problem.  We will sleep better at night knowing that our home has been so thouroughly inspected.  We have raved about you to all of our friends and will definitely call you again if we need a home inspection in the future."  
M and B - Client


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