CBHI Continuous Client GIFTING Program



Continuous Client GIFTING Program
Congratulations to all Served CBHI Clients!


Consistency of performance and pricing is a key factor in Colorado's Best Home Inspections, LLC's continued achievement of service excellence and efforts to be a successful leader in the home inspection industry and our Real Estate Community.

Colorado's Best Home Inspections, LLC will always strive to provide a level and quality of service worthy of our Client’s recommendation!  In appreciation of having the privilege of serving our Clients - Colorado's Best Home Inspections, LLC has always offered to every caller the benefits of the current CBHI Continuous Client Gifting Program.

Success is BEST when shared!


CELEBRATING SERVING COLORADO CONSUMERS since 2005!:  during CBHI service years - CBHI has GIFTED over $250,000.00 worth of performed CBHI Home Inspection Services to our respected CBHI Clients as part of their paid for home inspection services; 2005 - 2016.


2015 - 2016 Continuous Client GIFTING PROGRAM

Served CBHI Clients Receive the Choice of receiving either a Gifted HON Membership for 1 Year  OR  a $50.00 Gift/Cash Reduction applied to their Home Inspection Fee:

1)  HON Membership:  The GIFT OF “Live technical support for home owners” with every inspection CBHI performs through the “Ask the Experts” app. A $199.00 Value, an arrangement has been made with the Home Owners Network (HON) that allows CBHI to Gift to every one of CBHI’s HOME Inspection Clients the Gift of A Year's FREE MEMBERSHIP to the HomeOwnersNetwork.com; http://www.homeownersnetwork.com.  A proactive Home Owner's tool - providing fast answers to Home Owner's technical questions about their homes on their smartphone or computer!
Please click on the courtesy link to view a short video; http://www.homeownersnetwork.com/home-owners-network-video/.


2)  $50.00 Gift/CASH REDUCTION:  Clients may choose to receive The GIFT of a $50.00 CASH REDUCTION applied to the home inspection service fee as related to the subject property to be inspected.


Terms and Conditions of CBHI Continuous Client Gifting Program 2015:


  • CBHI will respond to the selection/Client preference of gifted services as per the instructions of the Client and/or their representing Realtor/Real Estate Professional; applicable to served CBHI Clients within a 60 mile service mileage range.


  • CBHI will reflect the chosen, preferred and specified, Gifting Program Option and the related fees in and under the terms and conditions of the Client's CBHI Inspection Agreement/Contract.


  • Under the CBHI Continuous Client Gifting Program as described - No Alterations and/or Substitutions may be made and/or applied and/or are offered and/or are available.


  • CBHI reserves the right to verify and confirm provided subject property information, with data available via published public records, such as but not limited to:  Total Square Footage of the subject property - Finished and Unfinished Combined, Above and Below Grade; and the Original Build/Foundation Date of the Home; as per the current CBHI pricing matrix; pricing is determined upon the confirmation of the correct Total Square Footage of the subject property to be inspected, in addition to the confirmation of the Original Build/Foundation Date.


  • Colorado's Best Home Inspections, LLC's Client Gifting Program is ONLY offered to served Clients of Colorado's Best Home Inspections, LLC who have a full and complete home inspection performed by Jim (James) Krumm/CMI, Owner/Operator of Colorado's Best Home Inspections, LLC.


  • The management and the continuation of the Colorado's Best Home Inspections, LLC's Continuous Client Gifting Program at any time is at the SOLE discretion of Jim (James) Krumm, Owner/Operator of Colorado's Best Home Inspections, LLC.

Previous/Historical CBHI Gifting Programs:

  • 2005 thru 2008:  courtesy considerations applied for unfinished square footage, radon monitor pre-drops, referral courtesy considerations, etc.  As described/published on the CBHI website at that time.
  • 2009 thru 2012:  Gifted $150.00 NRPP/NEHA Certified Radon Testing Services; Gifted $150.00 Air-Pressure Testing Services, applied Cash Reductions, radon monitor pre-drops.  As described/published on the CBHI website at that time.
  • 2013 thru 2014:  Gifted $100.00 CBHI Home Energy Inspection Services; applied Cash Reductions; radon monitor pre-drop services. As described/published on the CBHI website at that time.


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Here's what our clients say about us:

"I wanted to thank you for your service. I can see why you come so highly recommended; and as soon as I know of someone needing an inspection I will be sure to let them know how great my inspection was. Which is funny because I am sure for most buying a home the inspection process is unmemorable or regrettable (like in my older sisters case she went with the lowest offer and has ended up with the highest regret.)   Considering the fact I am most likely going to end up in this home the notebook prepared will be helpful through my entire ownership. I found Jim to be professional, very knowledgeable and to have a vested interest in the overall "quality" of the home. "
Thank you, B. O'Connor - Client

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