CBHI AIR-PRESSURE Testing Services


Air-Pressure Testing Service Fee $150.00 per each performed test: Air-Pressure Test; designated service fee in addition to home inspection fee.

Air-Pressure Testing Services must be confirmed with Colorado's Best Home Inspections, LLC at time of order confirmation.


  • IF in the event water services are only “to the street” and/or are shut off and not available on and operating within the premise at time of inspection (i.e. walk in the door and turn on a faucet and water comes out/flush a toilet) you may want to consider CBHI Air-Pressure Testing Services.


  • Air-Pressure Testing Services provide a general evaluation of the integrity of the plumbing supply lines within the home to test for major leaks in the plumbing supply lines; by how the supply lines “hold” the air pressure ( i.e. if an air leak is suspected most likely if water was introduced there would be a water leak(s).  Air-Pressure Testing Services are provided in lieu of/instead of the visual inspection process of any and/or all plumbing system elements, fixtures, or components.


  • Air-Pressure Testing Services do not provide for the operation and/or the testing of any and/or all plumbing system elements, fixtures, or components; plumbing system elements, fixtures, or components such as but not limited to main water line and valve (shutoff valve), supply lines, waste lines, faucets, fixtures, sinks, water heater, dishwasher, or toilets, such plumbing system elements, fixtures, or components are considered not inspected. However, dependent upon site conditions presented the Inspector may comment/refer to in the reporting, or have conversation regarding the non-operable/non-working/not inspected plumbing system, fixtures, elements and/or components thereof as a courtesy to the client.


  • Air-Pressure Testing Services are an alternative response as approved by the client when water service is not on and operating within the premise.  Colorado’s Best Home Inspections, LLC does and will recommend our Clients, who choose/decided to utilize Air-Pressure Testing Services, to have the entire plumbing system further evaluated prior to/before the real estate contract inspection objection deadline date by a qualified, licensed, insured contractor/plumber.


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Here's what our clients say about us:

"As someone who worked with CBHI during the home-buying process to evaluate two different prospective houses, I have to say that JIm from CBHI was just flat awesome.  I'm not a first time buyer and I can say that Jim's attention to detail and his professionalism was like night and day from my previous experience with another inspector."
"Here's some reasons I recommend CBHI and Jim:
  • He encouraged me to follow him through out the house and ask tons of questions (even stupid ones).
  • He spends the time necessary to really dig in.  Our inspections each took 4 hours and he scoured the house from top to bottom.
  • CBHI has a solid professional referral network.  I needed further analysis of a few items and his referrals were very reasonably priced and very professional.
  • Jim was SUPER nice.  He's happy to explain items and cool to chat with.
  • Both of our CBHI inspection reports were over 30 pages long with a great prefacing summary and details with pictures of everything following it.  This was very very helpful when determining any negotiation items during the process.  Look, here's the deal.  I could on and on about JIm and his business.  But I won't.  I'll just say that it was money very well spent to learn about our new home and frankly for piece of mind.  I'd rather pay this guy something on the order of hundreds than find out my place is money pit after I lose my earnest money."  

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