CBHI's Protocol Promise!


THANK YOU - for your interest in Colorado's Best Home Inspections, LLC Services.  I appreciate your time and efforts to seek the BEST possible home inspection services availabile and what YOU Deserve!


Colorado's Best Home Inspections, LLC strives and thrives in educating and aiding our Clients to understand, be familiar, and comfortable with their personal decision regarding the home that they are considering to purchase, sell, or repair.


It is very important - that the inspection report items (if any) should be coupled and weighed with the interest and information which brought YOU the Client to the inspection process in the first place. Since everyone has their own personal understanding of their vision for their Home, and understand their own personal capabilities in maintaining the integrity of their Home.


It's just not a house - It's YOUR HOME and FUTURE HAPPINESS!


A well performed home inspection is the axiom required so that Colorado's Best Home Inspections, LLC Clients can go forward to make a sound and well balanced decision in their due diligence efforts and decision making process.


A good place to start is to ASK YOURSELF ...  What is a well performed home inspection?


As a CERTIFIED MASTER Inspector a well performed home inspection is nothing less than what I would want for my own Family, and is exactly what Colorado's Best Home Inspections, LLC has provided our Clients for the past 10 YEARS!


1. A home inspection that is performed in the INTEREST of our Client ONLY and for our Client’s benefit, performed in accordance to the InterNACHI Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.

2. A home inspection that due to my own personal industry tenure and experience, personal knowledge, scholastic and field experience, equipment, dedication, and commitment to YOU my Client creates a pleasant, positive, and proactive educational experience for YOU our Client; providing a comprehensive, well rounded, orientation to the existing conditions of the subject property.

3. A home inspection process that will allow the home to speak for itself, is thorough and not rushed.  Colordo's Best Home Inspections, LLC's job, responsibility, and mission is to provide our Clients with an unbiased opinion, to find/identify, disclose, and report to our Clients the deficiencies of the property in question.  Colorado's Best Home Inspections, LLC does perform and provide the critial information YOU our Clients need with honesty, integrity, and fact.

4. A home inspection that is performed by a home inspector who is fully and sufficiently insured and bonded.  Colorado's Best Home Inspections, LLC has taken the time and expense to ensure Colorado's Best Home Inspections, LLC performs exceeding industry standards in operation by being privately insured and underwritten by Lloyd's of London; unlike other inspectors who may be uninsured or underinsured.


My Promise

Unlike most professionals as my Client,  you and I will probably not have the pleasure of meeting until after you have hired Colorado's Best Home Inspections, LLC.

That is why I have made it my policy to have my photograph on CBHI's order correspondence to you, and all parties related to your services.  For Safety and Sercuity - as it's always important to know who's knocking on the door and who's showing up!  If it's not me - then it's not Colorado's Best Home Inspections, LLC.

Choosing the right home inspector can be difficult in any real estate market.  Inspectors have varying levels of certifications and qualifications, insurance, reporting methods, and yes different pricing.

One thing for sure is that a well performed home inspection requires work, a lot of work. Ultimately, a well performed, thorough inspection depends heavily on the individual inspector's own effort and dedication to his Client.

Please know that by permitting Colorado's Best Home Inspections, LLC the privilege of serving you I guarantee that I will give nothing less than my very BEST!


Sincerely and With Respect,

Colorado's Best Home Inspections, LLC

Jim (James) D. Krumm, Owner/Operator

Certified Master Inspector (CMI)

Certified InterNACHI Inspector

Certified Professional Inspector

Certified Radon Measurement Provicer

Well Inspector, Certified Water Sampler

Certified Home Energy Inspector

Former President of the InterNACHI, Colorado Chapter



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Here's what our clients say about us:

"Your follow up and service are the absolute best!  Margariete, Got your voice mail.  Boy if Jim and Carlos weren't the best, YOUR service and follow up sure are.  But they are the best, so as a team, you're unbeatable!  I can't imagine anyone who's used you not making you they"re permanent inspection team!"
LH  - Real Estate Professional


        MACHI Certified     Infrared Certified

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